Serving the needs of healthcare businesses that operate across multiple locations.

Periop Partners believes in making healthcare available to everyone, at anytime and everywhere.

We also believe at the centre of healthcare is touch.

From our personal experiences, we particularly understand the challenges of setting up and running a health practice across different locations. Our software platforms now serve providers in Surgery, Radiology, General Practice, Surgical Assisting and Allied Health.

Care for the Future

For those starting out, we offer a range of products and services to help you start planning, building and future-proofing your independent practice.

We’re particularly excited by what healthcare looks like in the future. We think it will be distributed, mobilised and virtualised – all connected and coordinated.

The future of healthcare therefore requires the ability for practitioners to connect with other practitioners, to find multiple locations where they can practice and to let patients find them. All easily, seamlessly and on-demand.

Periop Partners’s nimble and interoperable software modules helps businesses efficiently deliver healthcare services across different locations:

  • Mobiliyo to help patients find you across your different rooms and locations
  • MedicRooms to help you find the different rooms and locations from which to practice
  • Jobs to advertise and assign gigs to other practitioners who are in your team