Clinical Support and Education Platform

Our Clinical Support and Education Platform is currently under limited release for select clients in the health industry.

Why a Clinical Support and Education Platform?

Working with clinicians and interest groups, their request has been universal.

Give me an online platform where we can get information anytime that my doctors (or health personnel) have assessed to be safe and satisfactory, and that I can share that with my support people?

the brief for the Clinical Support and Education Platform

What does it do?

The resulting Clinical Support and Education Platform performs:

  1. Online multimedia education and clinical information
  2. Day-to-day or event-based support for professionals, patients and their support community
  3. On-demand and longitudinal timed reminders

Consequently, to support the adoption of this unique platform, we have developed:

  • a rapid content development platform
  • role-specific access to information
  • analytics and link tracking
  • sharing and collaboration features
  • whitelabelled front end (ie, your company branded)

What's the benefit?

Clinicians engage in focused conversations addressing specific concerns, leading to better communication with patients.

Patients and their support community access curated, customised information at any time.

Especially in the Clinical trials arena, stakes are high: a failure to obtain informed consent or follow protocol could lead to the decimation of the project.

You've built the first one for one surgeon. Now you're looking to expand it. Who are you looking for?

Groups who are running a Clinical trial, an Education project in healthcare, or run an interest group: if the efficient and tracked distribution of health information is important to you and your project, please contact us to discuss further.

Currently under limited release


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