Aged Care: New Technologies to Come of Age

Technology has had a multi-faceted impact on the aged care industry:

  • technology (alongside with advances in medicine) is one of the reasons that people are living longer;
  • technology set the communications rhythm (and the consumer expectations that come with it)
  • technology offers a wider range of living arrangements, entertainment and activities

Below is a list of technology resources and sites that discuss the new technologies being applied to aged care.

These are the most notable of technologies:

  1. Mega Robotics, such as the Boston Dynamics Atlas
  2. Home monitoring services, such as Alexa
  3. Matching care platforms, such as and CarePilot
  4. Rapid Assessment, such as the use of Microsoft Hololens
  5. Physiological training, such as the use of VTIME with Parkinsons Disease

Problems these solutions address:

  1. Social isolation
  2. Monitoring
  3. Dietary intake
  4. Comfort and physiological differences
  5. Prevention eg falls

Read more:

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