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Periop Partners believes the future of healthcare is

Our Why

At Periop Partners our team has a unique blend of engineering, technology and clinical skills that has meant we build the tools for the future of healthcare: anytime, everywhere.

Our story in brief: in 2013, Dr Grace Lai moved from working in the public health system into private practice and she noticed an interesting inefficiency: doctors and practice managers were spending hours on the phone finding practitioners to help with the operation. This would amount to thousands of dollars in lost productivity for one practice alone… and it was happening around the country!

Periop Partners started as a surgical assisting service, and built some software to manage the request & bookings process for assistants.

We sold a customized version of this software to our first client, BodyScan (read our Case Study). One of the neurosurgeons using our surgical assisting service approached us to build a multimedia Patient Education platform. Then, a client in Hong Kong wanted a solution that captured both the marketplace features and the education portal features and… here we are.

We believe that healthcare can be available anytime, everywhere. To enable this, we have developed collaboration tools to serve mobile health teams. Our goal is to help our clients run efficient, online and offline healthcare businesses that provides their products and services to patients and their communities in a seamless experience: search, book, pay, educate and follow-up.

Who we are


Who are our advisors?

Grant Downie B&W

What distinguishes our service?

Sound and practical health market knowledge

Extensive industry contacts

Innovations for the market leaders in healthcare

Why Periop Partners?

Periop Partners uniquely provides solutions for mobile and multi-location teams and resources. Technically categorised as an “interconnected series of turn-key, cloud-based backend supply chain and operations management solutions” for healthcare businesses, our software simply:

  • helps owners save time and make money
  • removes barriers for employees to help more patients
  • keeps practitioners, patients and family connected in the community and in hospital

We then develop a customised front-end for your company that can sit seamlessly as part of your website, or act as your own website.

Sound health market knowledge:

–      Surgical, Anaesthetic and Physician groups

–      GP and Allied Health practices

–      Hospital environments

–      Private vs public hospitals

–      Regulatory compliance

Extensive industry contacts

–      The right opportunities and the right people to fill them

–      An extensive network of experienced partners

–      Consulting to expand and improve your practice

–     Improve the quality of the Patient Experience.

Innovations for the market leaders in healthcare

–      Robust, scalable and secure

–      Cross platform

–      Development of a detailed use case, to business case, to demo and then live solution