Business as Unusual

We Help Healthcare Businesses Start and Scale

Starting out... The waters of a new business incredibly challenging to navigate for healthcare practitioners: not the intellectual concepts - but the time and the resources to execute. We offer, through our sister company Medibusiness and our partners, a series of services that will assist you in setting up your business in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. We also highly recommend that you start by reading Medical Business Management (Wiley) from It's specifically written so that you can read it from cover to cover over a weekend. This will provide you the structure and guidance to start your healthcare business. Then take a look at to see where you can set up your practice and ease into the basics of running your healthcare business. Scaling up... For those business looking to scale, you can use our software platforms to immediately expand your footprint.

For a more tailored approach, we offer a custom service delivery. Using our in-house design process, we can design your ideal care delivery system, incorporating your bricks and mortar, distributed, mobile and virtual care services delivery channels. We help you customize or build the solution that helps you grow. Read more about our clients' experiences here. It's a three stage process in which we assist you in:

  1. Service Design: plan a new service, assess the patient and stakeholder experience, current resources, scenario building for future customer and employee engagement, create a services and IT support structure, pilot and scale.
  2. Grow and Scale: Understanding the current infrastructure, mapping, existing requirements, and follow through to design then build of the solution.
  3. Advisory on Exponential Technology: AI, Chatbots, in-home monitoring, wearables, data analysis, and predictive/preventative health.