The most elegant appointment booking tool you'll need

Your team can use Mobiliyo to handle schedules across multiple locations and multiple time periods. If you want patients to handle bookings themselves, Mobiliyo can be your information page, your landing page and it can also fit into your existing website. You can save on administration time by using Mobiliyo. If you have a call centre or receptionist handling your bookings, they can use Mobiliyo to schedule staff and handle their appointments across multiple locations. Additionally, the software can be configured to integrate with your preferred CRM and payment gateway to provide a seamless customer booking and follow-up reminder system. Mobiliyo integrates with Google Calendar and allows super-user management of a team.

MedicRooms makes it easy to advertise or licence your space.

We designed MedicRooms just for medical practitioners. It is the easiest way to find the clinical space you need to run your practice. If you're looking for or advertising a clinical space, MedicRooms is a simple and straightforward platform. Our platform connects doctors, dentists, nurses, and other medical professionals with the spaces they're looking for. Whether you are managing, starting up or scaling your practice, MedicRooms has a wide range of options for you.

The advantages are:

As another plus, you'll be able to benefit from being near other health practitioners and more sources for referrals! MedicRooms is here to help you find a place to operate while helping you find patients and more free time to spend on the things that matter. When you've got free time, you can focus on building your business even more.

The future of work is flexible: people work less 9 to 5 and in one place and more work from anytime, anyplace. Your staff needs to be available across different locations at different times. As a result, all businesses face increasing pressure to serve patients flexibly at increasingly different times. You may additional hands on board and Jobs by Periop Partners offers an alternative to expensive agency fees. A module that allows you to build your own agency, it helps you 'farm out' those adhoc job requests to your internal team, or vetted network - ensuring that those who are available can work for you. Matching up a practice to the changing rhythms of people's lives.


Who works with us?

Health businesses and practitioners trust Periop Partners to manage the way patients and referrers interact with the business for workforce management and patient and referrer engagement technology looking to future proof their business. We work with organisations that love to understand how the future of medicine will be disrupted by technology and new business models. Our software allows solo health professionals through to a large-scale aged care businesses use their people, rooms and time efficiently, leading to lower operational costs and higher productivity, as well as patient and practitioner job satisfaction. We have the platform to help you deliver on your promises We work with health care practices to delivery on their promise of a seamless, curated patient experiences. We help you with:

Periop Partners Platform enables the modular and mobile delivery of healthcare. The future of healthcare is delivery of health anytime, everywhere.