The service and software has had the following feedback:

  • Thank you thank you thank you!! It’s a lifesaver!!
  • Benefits of using energy healing
  • Thank you! I no longer have to wait for you to unscrub to send out a job!
  • Works well. I just accepted a job after receiving a SMS.

Signing up to Periop Partners only takes a few minutes. After that, you’ll save at least 30 to 72 mins every time you’re looking for a surgical assistant.

Start on the sign up page sa.mobiliyo.com.

Either way, we’ll need to verify you’re a doctor (or representing a doctor).

To Sign up as a Surgeon / Practice Manager: Provide your contact information.

To Sign up as a Surgical Assistant: Provide your contact information. Click on “I’m a surgical assistant”. Set the specialty and the hospitals you operate from (these hone the notices you receive and must reflect the hospitals you have already been accredited for). Select the level you wish to engage at. Key considerations are: how frequently do you want to be notified? do you want to access certain specialty lists? Surgical Assistants will receive notification via email and/or SMS, based on their level.

Complete your verification by providing your credit card number. Then simply browse the existing jobs.

You’ll only need to provide a credit card if you’re requesting an urgent job, or if you’re signing up as a Surgical Assistant. Check Why do I need to provide a credit card?

Start on the Periop Partners Dashboard. Click on "Post a Job".
Provide details using the surgeons who are registered to use the system under your login, the specialty and the details of the operating list. The more details you provide, the more information the Surgical Assistant has to assess their suitability for the offer.
When Assistants respond, the system will handle responses in the order of suitability. You can add your own list of Assistants under “Favourites” and let the system handle responses. You can select the Assistant you wish to confirm, and they will receive instant notification they have been selected for the list.

We ask for your payment information to reduce fraud and provide a seamless subscription experience. Your account will renew automatically every 28 days. You can cancel anytime before then to avoid being charged.

There are memberships available for three key categories of assistants available:

• Expert assistants (experience and / or qualifications required)
• Certified assistants (offered lists after all expert assistants), and
• Regular assistants (any remaining lists)

Requirements for Expert Assistants: If you are an ex- or current SET training registrar, have been assisting for more than 5 years or have more than 5 surgeons in a specialty whom you assist, we can approve your application to be recognised an Expert Assistant in your specialty.

Periop Partners wants to help you make it as easy as possible to manage your team and connect with your favorite surgical assistants.

Simply log on, click on the Favourites Tab on the left hand side. Scroll down to the section where it says ‘Add Email Addresses’ and add the email addresses of your favourite assistant. They will receive an invitation to join the system. You can add up to three favorite assistants on a free account.

The next time you post a job, your favorite assistant will be immediately notified that the job is available. If they indicate they’re available, they’ll be instantly confirmed, making it easy and hassle free!

This works well for surgeons and practices who have one, or a group of favorite assistants – if you are just starting, that great! You can take a look at our vetted and curated list of assistants also.

Yes, the system will provide an email reminder to you if no suitable Surgical Assistant has been found.

We work closely with our development team who is committed to ongoing maintenance and updates, especially if something goes wrong. If the site is not available for any reason, please contact us on 1300 799 438 or info@perioppartners.com.au.

Periop Partners abides by Australian Privacy Principles. We store data on Amazon Web Servers based in Sydney, Australia. Read Our Privacy Policy

Periop Partners serves surgeons, surgical assistants and practice managers at present. The software provides a rigorous communications framework for these parties to find and connect with each other.

Yes. We have rigorously tested this software with our user base and it’s designed with the medical practitioner in mind.

Yes, if you have any problems during the use of this software, please contact support@perioppartners.com.au.

Yes, there are videos available on Youtube:

We are provide billing services through our service partners. All types of claims are handled by them.

The jobs are typically private assisting work and occur in major and regional private hospitals and day clinics

We process lists for roughly 40 - 50 cases per month

Yes. We trust you have accreditation at the hospital you have added to your list of hospitals. Whilst we have provided a black ops manual (Expert and Certified level), billing and accreditation remain the practitioner’s own responsibility. You may wish to engage the services of our accreditation team to assist in your accreditation and support.