How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up to Periop Partners only takes a few minutes. After that, you’ll save at least 30 to 72 mins every time you’re looking for a surgical assistant.

Start on the sign up page

Either way, we’ll need to verify you’re a doctor (or representing a doctor).

To Sign up as a Surgeon / Practice Manager: Provide your contact information.

To Sign up as a Surgical Assistant: Provide your contact information. Click on “I’m a surgical assistant”. Set the specialty and the hospitals you operate from (these hone the notices you receive and must reflect the hospitals you have already been accredited for). Select the level you wish to engage at. Key considerations are: how frequently do you want to be notified? do you want to access certain specialty lists? Surgical Assistants will receive notification via email and/or SMS, based on their level.

Complete your verification by providing your credit card number. Then simply browse the existing jobs.

You’ll only need to provide a credit card if you’re requesting an urgent job, or if you’re signing up as a Surgical Assistant. Check Why do I need to provide a credit card?