Patient experience

One of the main findings of the patient experience research has been that there is no “one size fits all” approach to improving experience and that what works really well in one setting might not work so well in another. There are however, some key factors and themes that are important to consider, such as the need for an experience programme to be embraced by leaders throughout your health system, the role of staff experience, the power of stories and the need to make the experience stra

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Clinical Support and Education Platform

Our Clinical Support and Education Platform is currently under limited release for select clients in the health industry. Why a Clinical Support and Education Platform? Working with clinicians and interest groups, their request has been universal. Give me an online platform where we can get information anytime that my doctors (or health personnel) have assessed to be safe and satisfactory, and that I can share that with my support people? the brief for the Clinical Support and Education Pl

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