Proptech in the Medical Industry?

Often, when I'm asked about MedicRooms, I say it's "like AirBnBTM for medical professionals". That's part of it. True, it does advertise medical rooms available for rental. Yes, it handles bookings and payments, advertising and legals. The difference is in our why. Why is it part of the Periop Partners portfolio? MedicRooms handles the medical room rentals and commercial real estate interests of healthcare business owners. We believe that healthcare could be - should be - available anytime, everywhere. Like oxygen. In order for that to be possible, healthcare needs to be accessible. In order for this to occur, healthcare practitioners - doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, dentists, podiatrists, mental health specialists... all healthcare professionals - need to be given the tools to run their healthcare business, anytime and everywhere. Anytime: at the time of their own choosing. Everywhere: wherever they see the gap in the market - locally or afar - and for the massive demand for quality healthcare to be met. So, exists to bring together healthcare real estate landlords and healthcare practitioners. It uses a Software as a Service platform, built on Periop Partner's MobiliyoTM technology. This allows landlords and property managers to manage their various rooms and property sites, via a digital dashboard. The efficiency of this SAAS platform means time and money are saved. Most importantly, the patient population receives the additional benefit of being able to find more care services, closer to them. Yes, this technically means that MedicRooms is proptech, or CRETech, rather than a pure digital health platform. There's no sense why it won't be both, and for everyone to benefit.  


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