Preparing for a List

The best way to prepare for a new type of operation is to observe one beforehand.

In this on-demand age, there are numerous online visual and text-based ways of preparing for a list - if you can’t get your hands on a copy of Zollinger's, try these strategies:

Obtain a list from a practice manager by requesting one day in advance so that you can be prepared for the list beforehand

Go to YouTube and search for that operation Trap for young players: there are often multiple ways to approach an operation - however, at least being aware of positioning and “what comes next” will stand you in better stead to anticipate the surgeon

Skip the “cartoon” ones or the ones obviously created for a general public audience. Narrow down on the ones created by the surgeons themselves

Occasionally the surgical specialty bodies will have published a collection of their presentations or videos for the education of their trainees

Reference any notes that might be out there including surgical assisting notes on how to assist a surgeon in that procedure.

Revise the anatomy and be aware of major structures that are important to protect during the operation.

Be familiar with the instruments in that specialty This can be completed with a simple Google search or a deeper review of the instruments via the medical device company’s website.

PDF/Booklets are often available for download.

Finally, if you’re going to assist a surgeon long term, it helps to keep notes on how they like the setup and what order they may do things.

These notes ensure that you keep their method fresh in your mind and that it’s easy for you to adapt between surgeons.


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