Periop Partners Builds Platforms for On-demand Patient Education

We build patient education platforms to help patients and health providers overcome challenges in the communication and comprehension around complex medical processes.

Challenges for a Patient:

  • Going to the doctor for a diagnosis ("crunch-time") is scary
  • Fear can stop any calm, clear and rational thinking
  • Stress can impair recall and comprehension of information

... yet at their most vulnerable, they are expected to make rational health, financial and lifestyle decisions.

Challenges for a Health Providers:

  • As educators and deep learners in a particular area, you address the same kinds of questions from patient to patient
  • You commonly have to repeat yourself
  • Patients and family members require similar information at different periods of the care journey

... so we developed a Clinical Support and Education Platform

Why a Patient Education Platform?

An innovative Neurosurgeon asked us to develop a patient education multimedia solution, to help him communicate with his patients and their loved ones. He wanted the solution to be engaging but also efficient.

We interviewed the health provider and the patient community extensively.

Their requirements, their challenges and their requests have been uniform:

Give me an online platform where we can get information anytime that my doctors (or health personnel) have assessed to be safe and satisfactory, and that I can share that with my support people?


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