“I need advice”: Our Advisory Service for Surgical Assistants

Starting to Surgically Assist?

When thinking of starting to surgically assist, you may realise that the business of medicine was not something they covered in medschool.

In fact, very little time in our training, either at basic or advanced levels, is dedicated to how to run our own practice or the business of medicine.

There are a number of courses on practice management run from a “owning a practice” point of view – but often, they are geared for General Practices or Specialists – and worse, few are run by people who have owned, or let alone, are experienced in running a practice. Few fellow doctors open up their business and teach other doctors to set up a business.

There is a better way.

Navigate your way through the challenging maze of compliance, people and processes and run your own practice.

For Surgical Assisting and Anaesthetic Practices

It’s relatively straightforward:

For free advice
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If you still have questions, or would like step-by-step guidance on how to set up a business, book in for an Advisory Service session: calendly.com/glai7159

Sessions are intended for surgical assistants and anaesthetists starting up practice. They cost $200 (+ 10% GST), run for 30 mins and include a copy of our book, “Medical Business Management”, published with Wiley.

Agenda for Advisory Service sessions

During our 30 min Session together, we will step you through the following:

Checklist for legal and statutory requirements & accounting services
Credentialing process with AHPRA and Medicare Australia
Accreditation with private hospitals
Selection of billing companies
Accounting and bookkeeping services
Coordination of surgeons and lists coverage
Marketing practice
Answer your questions!
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